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Utmost Existence is an elite lifestyle brand. The importance for excelling in life by ways of health, both mental and physical fitness, striving towards wealth and personal success are more sought after goals than ever. We have created this brand for those who have started their journey towards an utmost life. By doing what it takes to excel at your  passions, lifestyle, and commitments to succeeding on your journey. We know it doesn't come easy and those who have overcome the setbacks, the trials, lessons and failures life can throw at you, we celebrate and commend those who strive to do more than just exist. 

Utmost is a movement which encourages all life's athletes, entrepreneurs, and life enthusiasts to have exceled in any arena of living! Our unique and fashionable fitness based attire represents the movement of being more and doing more. Welcome to our style defined as the Utmost Existence!


Through commitment to a lifestyle of positivity and inspiring others, we will lead the way in providing more than just an apparel brand. We are passionate in people inspiring, motivating and supporting their ambitions to drive this generation forward, and the next to come. 

Our Brand represents leaders of the idea we can always do more, be better, and give back.  

After all, we believe it's what you do that defines you. -UMEX Founder

Sean Margerum